Base Basics

The fun and challenge of Electric Football is creating a collection of bases that move your players down the field in predictable ways. Here is an overview of how bases work, their various options, and how to choose the right ones for your style of play. Soon you’ll be coaching your team of player and base combinations to victory!

Bases and Players

On older Electric Football sets, the base and the player were molded together in one piece. Modern bases and players are separate from each other and interchangeable, meaning you can mix and match them and truly create your own team of players with predictable skills. This is the key difference and the essence of the modern game of Electric Football.

Parts of the Standard Base

The "shell" is the main part of the base; "clips" attach the base to the player; "spikes" (also called cleats or prongs) are the critical part of the base that touches the surface of the playing field; and the "front" which is the front of the shell. It can be rounded or square in shape.

Shell:  Shells are easily distinguishable, with Rookie bases having a solid upper shell, while TTC bases contain a movable dial. Rookie Bases have spikes preset to run forward. These bases are often fast, good for running backs and receivers. These bases can be “trained” to run different patterns by gently bending or twisting their spikes. Total Team Control (TTC) bases are a two piece base consisting of the TTC shell and a dial you snap into the shell. They allow you to control the direction of a player by turning the dial underneath the base. For example to go left, turn the dial slightly to the left. Invisibase shells are flat platforms.

Clips:  The clips on a base attach it to the player. Invisibases have a continuous clip that runs the entire width of the base. Double Clip bases have small clips on the front and back of the base so that a player can slide onto the base securely. Invisibases and Double Clip bases will accept any player figure from the modern age. Single Clip bases, however, have a single clip in the center of the base and no outer clips, so the only figures that will fit Single Clip Bases are figures with a small square hole in their platforms.

Spikes:  Fast Bases have narrow spikes on the bottom of the base. As the name indicates, Fast Bases tend to go fast but they can get pushed around on the gridiron by a stronger base. Strong Bases have wider spikes on the bottom of the base. Strong Bases are typically not the fastest bases you will own, but they will hold their position better.

Front:  Round Front Bases are best for wide receivers, running backs, defensive linemen, and linebackers because they allow you to slide past your opponents. Straight Front Bases are typically best for your offensive linemen and cornerbacks, as they prevent your opponent from easily sliding past you.

Types of Bases

There are four main types of bases: Standard, Convention, Pro Line, and Invisibase. The Standard, Convention, and Pro Line bases are available in two different shells: Rookie and TTC. Invisibases are a newer and completely different design. Pro Line bases are made with a wide variety of combinations of clips, spikes, and fronts.

Standard Bases

Standard bases are sold in 24 packs of either Rookie shells or TTC shells and dials. They are both double clip bases with fast (narrow) spikes and gently rounded fronts. Works with all action figures.

Convention Bases
Convention Bases

Convention bases are available in packs of 24 with 12 Rookie shells and 12 TTC shells and dials. Convention bases come in different colors and some coaches swear by a certain color having special or desirable properties. Convention bases are all double clip bases with fast spikes and gently rounded fronts. Works with all action figures.

Pro Line Bases
Pro Line Bases

There are 12 different types of Pro Line bases. Pro Line bases consist of different combinations of shells, clips, spikes, and fronts. This gives the aspiring and pro coach a wide variety of techniques and options to build a winning team. Works with all action figures, except the Single Clip type, which only fit action figures that have a rectangular slot in their platform.


Invisibases are a new design that results in players running straighter right out of the box. Invisibases come in two styles: Strength Cleats and Speed Cleats. A Strength Cleat has two blades that run the width of the base, while the Speed Cleats are narrower versions of the Strength Cleat that can be angled to turn the base. They can be tweaked quite effectively, like all Electric Football bases. See our Video How-To section for more information. Works with all action figures.

Training and Tweaking

Bases can be temporarily “trained” to run different patterns by gently bending or twisting their spikes right before a play. A base’s plastic spikes have memory so they will resume their original molded state after a play. Methods exist to permanently train your Bases to perform any way you like. This is called "tweaking" and it’s a core skill of professional Electric Football coaches. By tweaking and assembling your base and player collection, you can create a roster of players to compete in conventions and tournaments. For more information on tweaking, see the Training Camp page and the Video How-To page.