Xuron Duck Bill Long Flat Nose Smooth Face Plier

This is the flat nose (duck bill) plier. Its flat, square, smooth blades are perfect for tweaking bases. Plier jaws are flat and wide for bending, forming, shaping, grasping, holding and flattening. As with all Xuron brand pliers, the model X485FN offers ergonomically shaped grips and a return spring for comfort and control while working.

Also great for flattening wire, or working with photo-etched parts like Face Masks or any sheet stock. Traditional forged duck bill designs are too bulky and lack the sensitive feel required for precision tweaking. The X485FN performs where the competition fails, featuring a thin profile for access in high density areas. Measures 6 x 3 x 0.4 inches overall.

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Pliers are used as an extension of the hand, especially for fine detail work. They need to be precise, lightweight, durable and have a good ‘feel.’ Xuron brand pliers deliver on all counts. When you invest in a nice tool, it pays you back everytime you use it. Our collection of Xuron pliers have been chosen specifically for Electric Football applications.