Pro Line

There are 12 different types of Pro Line bases. Pro Line bases consist of different combinations of shells, clips, spikes, and fronts. This gives the aspiring and pro coach a wide variety of techniques and options to build a winning team. For more information on tweaking, see the Training Camp page and the Video How-To page.

Making Sense of your Pro Line Base Options

If you need bases going into the new season, we've got you covered. Our Pro Line bases are made in the U.S. to exacting specifications. Pro Line bases are a traditional platform base. There are 12 different Pro Line bases, and each is sold in a 12 pack. With all the options available it can be a bit confusing. An easy way to think through your options is to start from the bottom up.

First, choose the spike thickness: Fast or Strong?
Spikes touch the playing field. Fast spikes are thinner, provide less resistance on the field so they go faster. They are typically used at your skill positions. Strong spikes are thicker, good for the line of scrimmage. True to their name, they hold strong against other bases.

Next, let's cover the front of the base: do you want a Rounded Front or a Straight Front?
Rounded front bases allow your players and the players they come up against to flow past each other. Straight front bases are more likely to stick with your opponents and prevent them from passing by after contact.

Next is the base style. There are three Pro Line base styles: Rookie, Single Clip, and TTC.
Rookie bases are solid bases with no moving parts. Rookies come in either a Double Clip or a Single Clip configuration. Clips hold the action figure to the base. Double Clip Rookies are typically simply called Rookies. A Rookie Single Clip base's clip comes up through the center of the base and will only fit action figures with a rectangular slots in their platform. The Rookie Double Clip has a clip on the front and back and will fit almost any figure. Finally there's the TTC base, which stands for Total Team Control. A TTC base is a two-piece base with a disk inside that rotates to turn the front spikes, giving these bases precise directional control. All TTC bases are double clip bases.

Starting to make sense? If so, you're ready to match your bases to your players and build a winning Electric Football team!