Painted Brass Face Masks

Face Masks, Eye Shields, and Chin Straps put the finishing touch on your players.

Face Masks and Chin Straps

How to put on your Face Masks:
Step 1 Cut off the mask and moisten your fingertip to hold the mask on your finger.
Step 2 Press the mask against a paintbrush or pencil tip and gently roll it until it is curved.
Step 3 Using a pair of tweezers, grab the mask and dip the ends that will touch the helmet in gloss Mod Podge (found at your local hobby or craft shop) or another tacky, clear drying glue.
Step 4 Gently apply the mask to the player helmet.
Step 5 For best results, lay the figure on its back after application, so the mask will slide back into the helmet, wait 5 minutes, then pick up the figure and gently push the mask snug against the helmet and lay the figure on its back again Let the glue set for several hours before standing the figure upright.