Triple Threat Quarterback, 2 White TTQB Unpainted

The Triple Threat Quarterback™ or TTQB is a player that is able to pass, kick, and run. He is used in specialized situations. You get 2 (two) TTQBs per pack. For passing, the TTQB enters the game only as a mid-play substitution after the offensive coach decides to throw a pass. For kicking, the TTQB enters the game at the beginning of the play for a kickoff, field goal, or extra points. Wearing a base, the TTQB can also scamble on a trick play such as a fake punt or fake field goal.
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Remove a football from the strip. One end of every football has a small slice in it. Push the center of the football to split the end. Place the football on the raised passing hand of the TTQB. To pass, hold the base in one hand. Use your thumb and middle finger to hold the handle and use your index finger to aim the ball. Pull back firmly and let your index finger slide off quickly. The passing arm will flick forward and the ball will fly toward the receiver.

Passing Tips: Tilt the TTQB forward slightly when passing Place the ball loosely on the passing hand so that it is parallel with the Playing Field. Practice lining up the passing hand and the front arm with the receiver. Flick the TTQB hand as shown in the directions, above the ball.

Push the Kicking Leg back beyond the tee until it locks. Place the football on the tee of the TTQB. By squeezing the handle and the passing hand together the Kicking Leg releases, sending the football downfield or through the Goal Posts.

Kicking Tips: Angle the ball back on the kicking tee. Angle the TTQB base up so that the front is in the air. If your TTQB tends to kick to one side, angle him slightly to the opposite side. Straighten Kicking Leg lever after repeated use.