22 SMALL Size Football Action Figures in White and Red for Power Pro Bases

These are the SMALL figures, enough for 2 teams, perfectly balanced and molded in white and red, for use with the special smaller bases of the model 8500 game. Not compatible with Regular/Rookie or TTC Bases. We do NOT sell bases for these players.


  • (4) TACKLES

  • (4) QB/LB

  • (4) BACKS

  • (6) GUARDS

  • (4) ENDS

See chart below for how to play your teams on both offense and defense. If you are using jersey uniform numbers, we suggest having enough players to dedicate them for offense and defense.

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This is a set of 22 unpainted, small size, Official Electric Football action figures. Enough players for two teams.  


Player Type

when on Defense

when on Offense


TACKLES play as...

Defensive Tackles (DT)

Offensive Tackles (OT)


GUARDS play as...

Defensive Guards (DG)

Offensive Guards (OG)


GUARD plays as...

Center (C)

Center (C)


ENDS play as...

Defensive Backs (DB)

Wide Receivers (WR)


QB/LB plays as...

Defensive End (DE)

Tight End (TE)


QB/LB plays as...

Middle Linebacker (ML)

Quarterback (QB)


BACKS play as...

Outside Linebackers (OL)

Running Backs (RB)

 NOTE: These action figures are smaller in size and designed for use with the smaller 8500 Power Pro Football bases only.