Megawattz Chain Gang Unpainted 3 Figure Set

All new, second generation figures by Megawattz.

Primary photo shows what you get: a set of three (3) unpainted and unassembled action figures on a white plastic runner with separate molded platforms. Assembly required using super glue or equivalent.

Unpainted figure photos show the action figures after assembly, front and back.

Painted and detailed photos show an example of each figure fully painted and sealed with optional paints, decals, chin straps, and face masks (sold separately).

The Chain Gang football action figures are easier to assemble than the first generation Megawattz figures. You can add magnets or attach the Chain Gang to sliding frame clips to fit your board and style of play. You can also add hobby or jewelry chain to create a custom effect for all of your boards.


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From celebrated Electric Football designer, sculptor, and artist Bruce Watts comes a line of specialized figures compatible with regular and 67 Big Men stock Tudor Games figures. You are ordering a set of three (3) unpainted and unassembled action figures on a white plastic runner with separate molded platforms. For best results use super glue to position and attach figures.

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