Megawattz Middle Linebacker and Nose Guard Unpainted Player Set

All new, second generation Competition Figures by Megawattz.

Primary photo shows what you get: a set of two (2) unpainted action figures on a white plastic runner with separate green molded platforms. Assembly required using super glue or equivalent.

Unpainted figure photos show the action figures after assembly, front and back.

Painted and detailed photos show an example of each figure fully painted and sealed with optional paints, decals, chin straps, and face masks (sold separately).

The Middle Linebacker and Nose Tackle football action figures are simpler to assemble than the first generation Megawattz figures, while still giving you the flexibility to adjust arm angles and platform positions to fit your style of play.


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From celebrated Electric Football designer, sculptor, and artist Bruce Watts comes a line of specialized Competition Figures compatible with regular and 67 Big Men stock Tudor Games figures. You are ordering a set of two (2) unpainted action figures on a white plastic runner with separate green molded platforms. For best results use super glue to position and attach arms and platforms.

What is a Middle Linebacker?
A defensive player in football that is responsible for receiving and relaying the defensive play call and will often be one of the most active defensive players as they are called upon to stuff gaps on run plays or fall back into coverage to deflect/intercept passes by reading the quarterback on passing plays. The Middle Linebacker is considered to have a more dynamic role as the play develops compared to other defensive players who have more set and specific tasks. Middle Linebackers will often lead the team in tackles and passes defensed as they are most often found around players with the ball.

The Middle Linebacker is a part of the linebacking core who generally lineup 3-5 yards from the line of scrimmage, behind the defensive linemen and provide additional run or passing protection depending on their read of the offense. In 3-4 defensive schemes, the Middle Linebacker is more often referred to as the Inside Linebacker.

What is a Nose Tackle? 
A position on a defense in the center of the defensive line primarily responsible for disrupting the center of the offensive line. The nose tackle is often the largest player on the defense. Nose tackle tends to specifically refer to the middle lineman in a 3-4 defensive alignment, because he lines up directly over the nose of the football. Also referred to as a "nose guard" or "middle guard".

The nose tackle is the anchor of a defensive line. Generally, the responsibility of the nose tackle is to clog up as much of the middle of the offensive line as possible to allow the other defensive players to make plays. Nose tackles tend not to make a large impact statistically due to the nature of the position, but they can have an enormous impact on the offense's ability to run the football if they can keep the offense from opening holes for the running back. Nose tackles are often double teamed by the offensive line in order to move them in a preferred direction depending on the play call.