App Overview

NEW! Electric Football Challenge App for Apple and Android phones and tablets!
Available now, FREE on the App stores.

More than just a scoreboard for your tablet or phone, Electric Football Challenge is an interactive companion for your Electric Football board game.

Electric Football Challenge drives game play with configurable timers matching the flow of real football. Great for both head-to-head and solitaire play, Electric Football Challenge puts the offense in control of the clock as the defense challenges to regain control of the ball.

You can enable MiniApps to do the passing and kicking or use the classic Triple Threat Quarterback and felt footballs that come with the game.

Behind the action, Electric Football Challenge also contains a Playbook that explains the X's and O's of football with chalkboard scenarios of over 45 sample offensive plays and defenses.

Tap "Rules" and "YouTube" in the app to get more info and videos that show you "game within the game" secrets of Electric Football that has made it truly the World's Favorite Football Game!

To learn how to use the App, watch the slideshow below. You can pause the slideshow at any time by moving your mouse over it or tapping on it.