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The World's Favorite Football Game!

While two teams of football players still face off on the vibrating gridiron to create the action and fun, that's where the similarities end between our new NFL Electric Football games and previous Electric Football models, first made in 1947. Today's Electric Football games sport innovative features including Invisibase Cleats, SpeedTurf Fields, and PlayAction Remote Controls.

How to Play

Both you and your opponent field a team of eleven football players. Just like in real football, you try to advance the ball down the field and score by running, passing, and kicking the ball. In Electric Football, you're the coach and you set your plays. You train your players to run routes, and when the action is happening, you're the player! The skill and strategy you use in setting up your team and your plays will determine who wins. Try running a few plays from the instruction book and soon you will be inventing your own!

Fun to Learn

Tudor Games Electric Football is the only hands-on game that puts you on the field. This game plays like real football and with practice, you'll be amazed at how fast you can become a skillful player! Great for one player (solitaire style), two players, or more. Electric Football is safe and fun for all skill levels. It builds interpersonal skills, develops hand-eye coordination, and helps teach essential skills of the physical world.

Vibration Makes the Action Happen

When you press the button on the side of the handheld remote control, two AA batteries make your Electric Football field vibrate. This vibration makes your players move on the field.  You control the amount of vibration with the speed control knob located on the remote control, which affects the speed of play. You also control the game with your knowledge of football strategy, how you match your bases to your players, and your creativity. It's a great way to learn the game of football!


Bundle and Save with our special Team Edition Sets! Each 98 piece set includes your NFL team's Action Figure Set and End Zone Kits. Click on a regular, large, or tournament-size game to see all available NFL Team Edition Sets.

NFL Electric Football Team Editions NFL Deluxe Electric Football Team Editions NFL Pro Bowl Electric Football Team Editions

Regular: 24 x 13"

Large: 32 x 16"
NFL Deluxe

Tournament: 36 x 18"
NFL Pro Bowl

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9 Item(s)

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