Large Team Storage and Travel Case

NEW! Our Large Team Storage and Travel Case gives you the ultimate in flexibility! There are two removable foam trays, one standard and one custom!
  • Standard Side: Foam tray one contains 44 pre-cut "H" shaped compartments designed to hold and protect your prized Electric Football players and other action figures. Also contains two wedge shapes for locking in small items.
  • Custom Side: Foam tray two features pick and pluck half-inch wide (0.5") foam squares. These pre-cut foam elements allow you to easily pop them out of the foam to custom-design your own case layout! Each foam pillar measures 1 3/8" deep giving you space to store and protect anything you can think of: bases, tools, additional figures, and more. See video link below.

This innovative new design also allows you to display what's inside! One side of the case is clear in front, so once you have added your figures and gear, just flip either the Standard or Custom side around so it's facing the case. Close the case and now your collection can be seen and appreciated from the outside without opening the case.

Great for collectors, painters, and coaches! The unique design of this case gives you the ability to store your teams vertically, horizontally, and with or without bases. The storage and protection choices are endless with this tough, versatile, and secure case.

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NEW! Available in translucent high-impact plastic, our Large Team Storage and Travel Case is custom made in the USA. Constructed of tough polypropylene resin, the case features two black independently lockable latches with an overlapping lid-to-base closure for a natural dust and moisture barrier.

  • - Easily View Contents Inside
  • - Slide Open/Shut Latches
  • - Two Locking Points
  • - Dust Proof
  • - Water Resistant
  • - Crush Resistant
  • - Bead-Line Seal Design
  • - Easy Carry Integral Handle
  • - 50/50 Lid & Base Split
  • - Pick and Pluck foam video

  • - Product Color: Clear
  • - Product Material: Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • - Inside Dimensions (inches): 16 3/8" x 9 1/4" x 3 1/2"
  • - Inside Width (inches): 9.25
  • - Inside Length (inches): 16.375
  • - Inside Depth (inches): 3.5