Set of 24 Invisibase Speed Cleats

Invisibase Speed Cleats give coaches a new way to control and command their team. These speed bases have proven to run straight and strong right out of the box, with no tweaking needed. Advanced players will appreciate the molding quality, lack of flashing, and advanced plastic polymer material. Invisibases are pliable, made with an extensively tested polymer that delivers on the electric gridiron. Invisibases are also nearly transparent in color, giving your players the look of running directly on the football field. SpeedTurf and metal fields have a new best friend, the Invisibase Cleat.

Speed Cleats and Strength Cleats can be trimmed with safety scissors or nail clippers to make them run as you wish. On top, you can trim off the corner edges to move past other players, or leave them squared off for maximum blocking. Underneath, think of the Cleat as your canvas and trim away the material in the front and back that is touching the playing field. Generally, the less material touching the field, the faster your players will be. The more material touching the field, the stronger your players will be. Experiment with different trimming patterns on the front and back. Always be careful when trimming your Cleats.


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Attaching your players to an Invisibase™ Cleat is simple, just slide the player into the slot as shown. You can only use one Strength Cleat per player. Speed Cleats are narrower and require two Cleats per player.


For forward motion, refer to the Invisibase™ diagram below and match the arrow.


Invisibases™ are omni-directional, meaning they can be worn forwards, backwards, or in the case of Speed Cleats, in both a forward AND backward configuration by placing one Speed Cleat forward and the other Speed Cleat backward on the same player. This can provide various quarterback and zone defense coverage options. 



The Speed Cleat is a thinner Strength Cleat. Two are required. To control a player’s direction of travel, try angling one Cleat and then the other, then run them to see how they perform. See the Speed Cleat examples below. You are looking at the bottom of the player and Cleat combination. 



The performance configurations below are useful to get the most out of each position. Shown left to right, the PUNCH is used along the defensive line or at running back to bust through the pile. The FOCUSED PUNCH is good for receivers to break away from coverage. The STICKY is good for blockers to stay stuck to defenders. The SPIN is good for pocket passers and zone defenders as it keeps the player spinning in place. The STABLE is good for any player who needs to stay upright against a tough opponent.