Large Team Storage and Travel Case

NEW! This custom Electric Football Team Storage and Travel Case contains 92 pre-cut customized foam compartments that will hold and protect up to 8 teams (88 total) of your prized Electric Football players, with 4 extra compartments to hold your gear. Fits all Electric Football players from all eras.

The unique design of this case's foam gives you the ability to store your teams vertically, horizontally, and with or without bases. The storage and protection choices are endless with this tough, versatile, and secure case.
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Available in jet black, our Large Team Storage and Travel Case is plain outside, giving you the opportunity to customize the exterior with league stickers and more. Constructed of polypropylene resin, the case features two slide open and shut independently lockable latches with an overlapping lid-to-base closure for a natural dust and moisture barrier. Made in the USA.