Master Series Paintbrush Set

The Master Series Paintbrush Set comes with three brushes specifically designed to create detailed and dynamic painted miniature figures. In this set, you will receive a #0 Size Standard Brush (at right), a #5/0 Size Detail Brush (at left), and a #2 Size Flat Brush (middle). Each of these brushes have a specific role in the painting process, and when combined can result in incredibly detailed and impressive painted miniatures. See below for detailed descriptions of each brush you get.

The #0 Size Standard Brush will be the most used brush in the set. This brush will first be used to apply a brush-on primer to each of the figures. When completely dry, the primer will allow the colored paint to stick to the figures. After the Standard Brush is used to completely cover the figure in primer and the coat of primer has completely dried, the Standard Brush can be used to apply base coats of color to the figure. Because of its size and shape compared to the other brushes in the set, this brush should be used to cover large areas like the helmet, jersey, pants, and skin in the desired color. For best results, apply more than one base coat after the previous coat of paint has dried. Remember that because miniature painting is on such a small scale you don't have to use a lot of paint for each coat. Your miniature will turn out best if you apply multiple thin layers of paint instead of one thick layer. Also, when you are completely finished with your painting, detailing, and decaling, use the Standard Brush to apply thin layers of Brush Sealer to protect your figures during use.

The #2 Size Flat Brush can be used along with two very simple techniques to add shadow and highlights to your figures and make them look more life-like. First, to add shadows, mix some dark grey or black paint in with the standard colors that were used on the base coats to create a darker shade. Then, add a few drops of water to create a wash. Apply the wash to the figure and allow the darker paint to flow and pool into the cracks and crevices of the figure such as under the chin and in the folds of the leg and shoulder pads. Take some time to allow the wash to dry and you should begin to see shades and shadows on your figure. Once you are happy with the amount of shadow on your miniature, you can move on to applying highlights using a technique called dry brushing. To create a highlight, just mix some light grey or white paint in with the standard colors that were used on the base coats to create a lighter shade. Then, apply a small amount to your brush and begin running the brush along a paper towel, newspaper, or other surface. Keep brushing out the paint until it looks like there is no more paint coming off. It should look like your brush has no paint on it. Then, lightly flick the brush across the raised surfaces of the figure like the top of the helmet, tips of the shoulder and leg pads. As you do this, small amounts of the lighter paint left on the brush will be applied to the figure to create highlights. If you make a mistake, don't worry! Just apply a new base coat with the Standard Brush and try again! Once the shadow and highlights have been applied to your figure using the washing and dry brushing techniques, your figure will look much more realistic and lifelike!

The #0/5 Size Detail Brush is a very small brush that is ideal for adding tiny details to your figure that will give them their individual personality. It requires a steady hand, but with practice you can add small details like tattoos, jersey patches, player names, eye black, and even pupils to your figures. The great thing about painting details on a miniature is that if you make a mistake with your detail brush, just paint over the mistake with a base coat from your Standard Size brush and try the detail again! With a little trial and error you will soon be adding amazing details to your players that will be sure to impress anyone who takes a closer look. The detail brush is also useful for painting logos, stripes, and numbers if you don't want to use water slide decals.

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