Grab our accessory deals this month and create an entry for our first annual Figure Customizing Contest (FCC). To enter, use any new Haiti Repro unpainted figure, Pro Line or Triple Threat Quarterback and any Tudor Games accessory: paint, face masks, chinstraps, stickers, and water slide decals to create a new favorite NFL player. Add as much detail as you want using Tudor Games figures and accessories to create the most realistic figure possible. Try your hand at highlighting and shadowing or painting on gloves, wristbands and shoe markings. Be creative and go crazy as long as you use Tudor Games products! RULES Up to two entries per person will be accepted The figure must be on a Tudor Games base. Figures allowed are Haiti Repros, Pro Line and Triple Threat Quarterbacks The painted figure must be a new NFL player, real or fictional, but cannot include the players name on the jersey Previously displayed photos on any social media site or website are not allowed Only Tudor Games decals allowed; all other stripes, symbols, etc. must be hand painted Hand made items such as towels, hair/dreadlocks, hand warmers, etc. may be added Photos should not be retouched and a minimum of 800 pixels wide The photo entries must be emailed to [email protected] by no later than April 28th. Entries must include your email and phone number Online voting begins May 1 and ends May 15 at midnight The winner will be announced in the June Playbook newsletter! Questions regarding the contest can be emailed to [email protected]