NFL Electric Football

Yes, it’s true — the NFL is back!

Getting the NFL license for Electric Football has been on top of our “To Do” list since we took over Tudor Games in 2012. We’re happy to report that Electric Football and the NFL are once again a team.


As documented in The Unforgettable Buzz, the histories of Electric Football and the NFL are impossible to untangle. Just as the NFL was entering its “golden age” in 1967 Tudor Games became an NFL licensee and created the first miniature Tudor NFL football game. From there, as the NFL became “America’s Game” so did Electric Football, with AFL models, stunning Sears Super Bowl games, regional NFL models, Championship models… and more. The history of the NFL is all there to be seen, as modeled in Electric Football.


And now we’re happy to report that the NFL Electric Football license is back! Our new line of NFL Electric Football games and a complete line of NFL teams are avaialble now. We’re so grateful for all of the support you’ve shown us as we’ve worked through the licensing process. We couldn’t have done it without our biggest fans, and we’re proud to carry on with one of the longest and most storied licensing relationships in all of professional sports.


The greatest toy ever made just got even better. It’s a brand new era for NFL Electric Football!


NFL Deluxe Electric Football