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April Newsletter: Tudor Games Draft

April is DRAFT Month

Create your own players with great deals on custom accessories!

Feel the excitement of creating a new player for your team!

Have you tried painting and detailing your own figures? It's not as hard as you might think. If this is a side of the hobby you haven't experienced, we invite you to take the plunge and save some cold hard cash while you're at it!  April is DRAFT month and just like the NFL, you can add players to your roster in time for your season of solitaire or league play. 

We're offering great accessories and add-ons at significant savings to help you get started. So, in honor of this month's NFL Draft, Tudor Games is offering unpainted figures and many of our custom accessories, paints, and water slide decals at great discounts! It's the perfect time to add that new free agent or draft pick to the squad!

Up to 50% off on selected items!
Get the Deals

First Annual
Figure Customizing Contest

Grab our accessory deals this month and create an entry for our first annual Figure Customizing Contest (FCC). To enter, use any new Haiti Repro unpainted figure, Pro Line or Triple Threat Quarterback and any Tudor Games accessory: paint, face masks, chinstraps, stickers, and water slide decals to create a new favorite NFL player. 

Add as much detail as you want using Tudor Games figures and accessories to create the most realistic figure possible. Try your hand at highlighting and shadowing or painting on gloves, wristbands and shoe markings. Be creative and go crazy as long as you use Tudor Games products! 

RULES The winner will be announced in the June Playbook newsletter!
Questions regarding the contest can be emailed to [email protected]

Applying Tudor Games Face Masks

by John "LaRue" DiCarlo

Using a small paint brush, bend the mask around the thickest part of the handle by pressing and rolling the handle of the brush into the face mask as it rests on your finger. Test it for size on your player and adjust if needed. Put a line of Modge Podge glue (found in your local Hobby/Craft store) around the players helmet opening. Wait one minute. Then using a pair of tweezers, put on the mask.You can use your fingers to apply them also but make sure you are not over a rug. Why? If you drop it, their almost impossible to find. Adjust the mask so it is on straight. Let it dry (Modge Podge dries fast).
It takes a little time and practice to get good at shaping and applying them but you will. You will also be surprised how well Modge Podge holds and it drys clear. You are going to love how your team looks after the masks are on. The face masks take a common looking figure to a new level of realism faster than any other thing you do in the customization of your players! Good luck and have a great time doing it!

Happening this Weekend!

The Capitol City Clash, held at the Holiday Inn in College Park, MD, is the fourth leg in a series of six Electric Football tournaments with coaches from across the country competing for the 2017 MFCA Electric Football National Champion. The fifth event will be the Bama Blast in Oxford, Alabama in June and the final leg is held the last weekend of July in Dallas, Texas at the Electric Football World Championships and Convention.

The tournament begins Friday evening, April 7, at 6:30 pm ET with a coach’s rules discussion and tailgate cookout. Pool play begins on Saturday at 8:30 am and goes throughout the day late into the evening. The final rounds and championship are played on Sunday morning. For more info visit:

Celebrate International Tabletop Day
April 29, 2017
Share Your Electric Football Story Now!

This year for International Table Top Gaming Day, Geek& is asking for stories and comments on how board games have changed your life. Did you meet your best friend while playing, did tabletop games change your life? We know for many of us, Electric Football has had a profound effect. Go to Geek& and tell them how Electric Football has changed your life!

Did you download our FREE App yet?  Electric Football Challenge for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets is here!  More than just a scoreboard for your tablet or phone, Electric Football Challenge is an interactive companion for your Electric Football game. Electric Football Challenge drives game play with configurable timers matching the flow of real football. Great for both head-to-head and solitaire play, Electric Football Challenge puts the offense in control of the clock as the defense challenges to regain control of the ball!