Arizona Cardinals NFL Dark Team Jersey

New! The next generation of NFL Electric Football action figures are here!

These high quality NFL action figures are packaged in a removable tray and are the most detailed figures we have ever created.

These perfectly balanced figures run great on your Electric Football playing fields old and new, and fit Invisibases and all other Tudor-compatible double clip and single clip bases.

Realistic NFL miniatures for the kids room, office, and man cave.

Contains one team of eleven (11) collectible NFL figures in 5 different action poses with authentic NFL team colors and logos.

Great as cake toppers, for fantasy football taunting, and at tailgating events. Put one in your pocket at the game for good luck! Each figure averages about an inch in height.

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Interactive play builds teamwork, interpersonal skills, and sharp minds!

Learn to play with detailed videos created by coaches for coaches!


There are 11 total player figures included in each team set. There are 5 different player poses in each set. Unlike what is pictured above, each pose in the set has one dark skin and one light skin figure. Of the three LINEMAN figures in each set, two figures have dark skin and one figure has light skin.

First is the LINEMAN figure. Electric Football Player Position ChartYou get 3 LINEMAN figures per team. Notice the LINEMAN is bent over, with elbows out to make contact with players nearby. With a lower body position than the more upright figures, the LINEMAN has a low center of gravity. This makes him less likely to get knocked over. Because his mass is spread out equally, it makes him harder to push around. Linemen are best on the offensive and defensive lines, where you want strength and the ability to push players around. Pair with strong bases and cleats.

Next is the SPRINTER figure. The SPRINTER figure makes a good wide receiver and quarterback, and works well as a safety on defense. You get 2 SPRINTER figures per team. Because of their slim design, they can be devastating as blitzing defensive linemen because they are harder to block.

You get 2 ALL PURPOSE figures per team. This player is squatting, with his arms hanging to his sides. ALL PURPOSE is very well balanced. He is a versatile figure capable of playing many positions. Use one at quarterback and the other at running back or tight end. On defense, use them as cornerbacks or defensive tackles.

The BACKER figure is the tall player standing with his hands out to his sides. You get 2 BACKER figures per team. He is often used at the offensive tackle and tight end positions on offense, and can be used at the linebacker, defensive end, and safety positions on defense. His height makes it more difficult for the TTQB (Triple Threat Quarterback) to throw over him. His wide stance offers a greater chance of an errant pass hitting him, increasing the odds of an interception.

The RUNNER figure, while intended to be a stiff-arming running back, can also be used as a slot receiver on offense. You get 2 RUNNER figures per team. On defense, they make great pass rushers at the defensive end position. They also make good cornerbacks because they can grab opposing receivers, preventing them from getting open.

Visit the Team Tech page for more information on player figures.

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