Special Sets

Made for all Electric Football figures, our specially formulated acrylic water-based paints have been tested and color matched.
For skin color, choose from the following options: Dark Skin, Caucasian Flesh, Tanned Skin, and Suntan Flesh. For platforms use Viper Green

Check out our Master Series Artist Kit bundle with Viper Green platform paint, skin tone paints, Brush Primer, and Brush Sealer. Also see the Master Series Paintbrush Kit.
  Team Uniform  Helmet  Jersey  Pants  Sock Stripes  Shoulder Pads  Pants Stripes  Facemask  Additional/Alt
Arizona Cardinals DPure WhiteCarnage RedPure WhiteCarnage RedCarnage RedCarnage RedPure WhitePure Black
Arizona Cardinals WPure WhitePure WhitePure WhiteCarnage RedCarnage RedCarnage RedPure White 
Atlanta Falcons DPure BlackBlood RedPure WhitePure BlackBlood RedPure BlackPure Black 
Atlanta Falcons WPure BlackPure WhitePure WhiteBlood RedPure WhiteBlood RedPure Black 
Baltimore Ravens DPure BlackBlend 2**Pure WhitePure BlackBlend 2**Pure BlackPure BlackPure Black
Baltimore Ravens WPure BlackPure WhitePure WhitePure BlackPure WhitePure BlackPure Black 
Buffalo Bills DPure WhiteCyan BluePure WhiteCyan BlueCyan BlueBrilliant RedPure WhiteBrilliant Red
Buffalo Bills WPure WhitePure WhitePure WhiteCyan BluePure WhiteBrilliant RedPure White 
Carolina Panthers DTrue SilverPure BlackPure BlackIce BluePure BlackIce BluePure BlackIce Blue
Carolina Panthers WTrue SilverPure WhitePure WhiteIce BluePure WhiteIce BluePure Black 
Chicago Bears DRitterlich BlueRitterlich BluePure WhiteRitterlich BlueRitterlich BlueLava OrangeRitterlich Blue 
Chicago Bears WRitterlich BluePure WhiteRitterlich BlueRitterlich BluePure WhiteLava OrangeRitterlich Blue 
Cincinnati Bengals DLava OrangePure BlackPure WhitePure BlackPure BlackLava OrangePure BlackLava Orange
Cincinnati Bengals WLava OrangePure WhitePure WhitePure BlackLava OrangeLava OrangePure Black 
Cleveland Browns DBlend 1*Blackened BrownPure WhiteBlackened BrownBlackened BrownBlend 1*Blackened BrownBlend 1*
Cleveland Browns WBlend 1*Pure WhiteBlend 1*Blackened BrownPure WhitePure WhiteBlackened Brown 
Dallas Cowboys DTrue SilverBrilliant BlueTrue SilverBrilliant BlueBrilliant BlueBrilliant BluePure White 
Dallas Cowboys WTrue SilverPure WhiteBlend 3***Cyan BluePure WhiteCyan BluePure White 
Denver Broncos DBrilliant BlueLava OrangePure WhiteBrilliant BlueLava OrangeBrilliant BlueBrilliant BlueBrilliant Blue
Denver Broncos WBrilliant BluePure WhitePure WhiteBrilliant BluePure WhiteBrilliant BlueBrilliant Blue 
Detroit Lions WTrue SilverDragon BlueTrue SilverDragon BlueDragon BlueDragon BlueTrue Silver 
Detroit Lions DTrue SilverPure WhiteTrue SilverDragon BluePure WhiteDragon BlueTrue Silver 
Green Bay Packers DGolden YellowPine GreenGolden YellowPine GreenPine GreenPine GreenPine Green 
Green Bay Packers WGolden YellowPure WhiteGolden YellowPine GreenPure WhitePine GreenPine Green 
Houston Texans DRitterlich BlueRitterlich BluePure WhiteRitterlich BlueRitterlich BlueRitterlich BlueRitterlich BlueBrilliant Red
Houston Texans WRitterlich BluePure WhitePure WhiteRitterlich BluePure WhiteRitterlich BlueRitterlich Blue 
Indianapolis Colts DPure WhiteUltramarine BluePure WhiteUltramarine BlueUltramarine BlueUltramarine BluePure White 
Indianapolis Colts WPure WhitePure WhitePure WhiteUltramarine BluePure WhiteUltramarine BluePure White 
Jacksonville Jaguars DPure Black Mustard YellowPure BlackPure WhitePure BlackPure BlackPure BlackPure BlackMarine Teal
Jacksonville Jaguars WPure Black Mustard YellowPure WhitePure WhitePure BlackPure WhitePure BlackPure Black 
Kansas City Chiefs DBrilliant RedBrilliant RedPure WhiteBrilliant RedBrilliant RedBrilliant RedPure WhiteGolden Yellow
Kansas City Chiefs WBrilliant RedPure WhitePure WhiteBrilliant RedPure WhiteBrilliant RedPure WhiteGolden Yellow
Los Angeles Chargers DPure WhiteBrilliant BluePure WhiteBrilliant BlueBrilliant BlueBrilliant BlueBrilliant BlueIce Blue
Los Angeles Chargers WPure WhitePure WhitePure WhiteBrilliant BluePure WhiteBrilliant BlueBrilliant Blue 
Los Angeles Rams DBrilliant BlueBrilliant BluePure WhiteBrilliant BlueBrilliant BlueBrilliant BluePure WhiteGolden Yellow
Los Angeles Rams WBrilliant BluePure WhitePure WhiteBrilliant BluePure WhiteBrilliant BluePure White 
Miami Dolphins DPure WhiteMarine TealPure WhiteMarine TealMarine TealMarine TealPure WhiteLava Orange
Miami Dolphins WPure WhitePure WhitePure WhiteMarine TealPure WhiteMarine TealPure White 
Minnesota Vikings DTwilight PurpleTwilight PurplePure WhiteTwilight PurpleTwilight PurpleTwilight PurpleTwilight Purple 
Minnesota Vikings WTwilight PurplePure WhitePure WhiteTwilight PurplePure WhiteTwilight PurpleTwilight Purple 
New England Patriots DTrue SilverBrilliant BlueTrue SilverBrilliant BlueBrilliant BlueBrilliant BlueBrilliant Red 
New England Patriots WTrue SilverPure WhiteBrilliant BlueBrilliant BluePure WhiteBrilliant BlueBrilliant Red 
New Orleans Saints DStained IvoryPure BlackPure BlackPure BlackPure BlackPure BlackPure Black 
New Orleans Saints WStained IvoryPure WhitePure BlackPure BlackPure WhitePure BlackPure Black 
New York Giants DUltramarine BlueUltramarine BlueMisty GreyUltramarine BlueUltramarine BlueUltramarine BluePure White 
New York Giants WUltramarine BluePure WhiteMisty GreyBlood RedPure WhiteBlood RedPure White 
New York Jets DPure WhitePine GreenPure WhitePine GreenPine GreenPine GreenPine GreenTurf Green
New York Jets WPure WhitePure WhitePure WhitePine GreenPure WhitePine GreenPine Green 
Oakland Raiders DTrue SilverPure BlackTrue SilverPure BlackPure BlackPure BlackTrue Silver 
Oakland Raiders WTrue SilverPure WhiteTrue SilverPure BlackPure WhitePure BlackTrue Silver 
Philadelphia Eagles DBright TurquoiseBright TurquoisePure WhitePure BlackBright TurquoisePure BlackPure BlackPure Black
Philadelphia Eagles WBright TurquoisePure WhitePure WhitePure BlackPure WhitePure BlackPure Black 
Pittsburgh Steelers DPure BlackPure BlackGolden YellowPure BlackPure BlackPure BlackPure Black 
Pittsburgh Steelers WPure BlackPure WhiteGolden YellowPure BlackPure WhitePure BlackPure Black 
San Francisco 49ers DDragon GoldBlood RedDragon GoldBlood RedBlood RedBlood RedPure WhitePure Black
San Francisco 49ers WDragon GoldPure WhiteDragon GoldBlood RedPure WhiteBlood RedPure White 
Seattle Seahawks DBrilliant BlueBrilliant BlueBrilliant BlueBrilliant BlueBrilliant BluePale GreenBrilliant BlueConcrete Grey
Seattle Seahawks WBrilliant BluePure WhitePure WhiteBrilliant BluePure WhiteBrilliant BlueBrilliant Blue 
Tampa Bay Buccaneers DAged PewterBrilliant RedAged PewterAged PewterAged PewterBrilliant RedAged PewterLava Orange
Tampa Bay Buccaneers WAged PewterPure WhiteAged PewterAged PewterAged PewterBrilliant RedAged PewterLava Orange
Tennessee Titans DPure WhiteTrue BlueBrilliant BlueBrilliant BlueBrilliant BlueTrue BlueBrilliant Blue 
Tennessee Titans WPure WhitePure WhiteBrilliant BlueBrilliant BlueTrue BlueTrue BlueBrilliant Blue 
Washington Redskins DCrimson RedCrimson RedGolden YellowCrimson RedCrimson RedCrimson RedGolden YellowGolden Yellow
Washington Redskins WCrimson RedPure WhiteGolden YellowCrimson RedPure WhiteCrimson RedGolden Yellow


*Blend 1: For Browns Orange, mix 1 drop Lava Orange with 1 drop Brilliant Red

**Blend 2: For Ravens Purple, mix 2 drops Gem Purple with 1 drop Brilliant Blue

***Blend 3: For Cowboys Silver-Green, mix 5 drops True Silver with 1 drop Marine Teal